Exotic Dancer & Strip Club News Round Up

News round up covering exotic dancers and strip clubs

Exotic Dancer Stripped Of $1,300 In Violent Early Morning Robbery
On March 9, a woman was walking from her car when she was punched in the face by a man who dragged her to the street, before stealing $1,300 from her, and driving off. Cops don’t know who he is, but they are looking for his alleged getaway driver 20-year-old Melissa Triana. Police say she drove off in a gray Honda.

Shocking Video Appears to Show Security Guard Attacking Exotic Dancer During Performance

Colorado strip club operator accused of exploiting dancers
DENVER (AP) — A Colorado company that owns over a dozen strip clubs around the country is facing a federal lawsuit over allegations that it exploited its dancers by requiring them to pay fees in order to work. The lawsuit, filed Friday in Denver, alleges that the clubs, including PT’s Showclubs in Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Indiana and Maine, charged the workers fees based on the time of day they worked and also took portions of their tips to pay bouncers and DJs. The suit was filed on behalf of a woman who worked at a club in Denver but her lawyers are also seeking compensation for potentially hundreds of other women who work in the clubs owned by the company, VCG Holding Corp. It declined to comment.

When it comes to Illinois ‘sin tax,’ are strip clubs cheating?
A state law sometimes irreverently called a “sin tax” requires all strip clubs that sell alcohol to collect $3 from each patron or pay a flat fee based on income that goes into a fund to support rape crisis centers. But a survey by the BND of active strip clubs in Illinois affected by the Live Adult Entertainment Facility Surcharge Act found at least 58 clubs open for business — which is 19 more than paid into the fund in 2016. When the law was enacted effective in 2014, supporters estimated that more than $1 million per year would be collected, but last year, about half — $532,000 — was collected, the state reported.

Former state lawmaker is now artistic director for a Doraville strip club
“The code says you can be nude and serve alcohol if you put on entertainment that has serious artistic value, and that’s what we’ve done,” says Alan Begner. “We have burlesque, we have aerial acts, we have body painting, we have entertainers who walk around with headdresses. We do lip syncing of famous artists.”

Dancer denies assaulting cops after being kicked out of Springfield strip club
The dancer, Carmen Gibson, 23, of Hartford, refused to leave and began yelling at her boss. As officers escorted her toward the door, the yelling gave way to threats, with Gibson promising “to (obscenity) him up,” according to the report. Wait till I see you,” she added. Once outside, the dancer began “thrashing wildly and striking officers with her hands and elbows,” as well as biting a bar employee who was helping the officers, the report said. The thrashing continued after Gibson was taken to the ground, and only ended after two bursts of pepper spray to her face, the report said.

Carmen Gibson, 23, of Hartford

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